Role of the Director of Service Prosecutions (DSP)

The DSP, as head of the Authority, is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the proper administration of the SPA. As the senior lawyer at the SPA, his particular focus is oversight of the work being carried out on all cases referred to the SPA, and he gives personal attention to serious cases that have the potential to attract wider public attention.

In support of his duties, the DSP is responsible for the development and maintenance of the operation of the SPA, so that it:

  • Is capable of operating wherever members of Her Majesty’s regular and reserve forces (within the meaning of the Armed Forces Act ("the Act")) are based or deployed; and
  • Applies principles and best practice common to prosecuting authorities within the United Kingdom.

In addition the DSP will:

  • Develop and maintain close liaison through Prosecuting Officers and other staff with the Service Police forces and with the court administration officer under the Act;
  • Engage with Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (“the Inspectorate”) with a view to establishing and maintaining an effective system for the assessment of aspects, agreed with the Inspectorate, of SPA’s performance;
  • Compile and maintain data relevant to the assessment by the Inspectorate of such aspects of SPA’s performance; and
  • Serve as a member of the Service Justice Board to consider broad issues related to the Service justice system.