Whilst the Service Prosecuting Authority is an independent organisation it receives its funding as part of the Defence Budget, it is still required to ensure that it abides by Ministry of Defence  financial policy and rules as well as those by Central Government.  
To ensure that the Service Prosecuting Authority can meet this liability it has on its establishment a Finance Manager, who is a MOD Civil Servant and whose role it is to advice the Director Service Prosecutions on both Departmental and Governmental financial regulations and policy and to advise both the Director and Management Board on how the best use of the limited Financial Resources can be acheived. 

Prior to 2012/2013 the Service Prosecuting Authority received its funding from the three individual services, Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. To do this the individual services transfered funding to the MOD Headquarters.

Since Financial Year 2012/2013 the SPA has been responsible for planning and bidding for its own financial resources.

Funding for Current Financial Year 16/17

Element of Spend Budget
Military Pay


Civilian Pay


Running Costs


 Legal Fees (Use of External Counsel) £35,000